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What was your inspiration for creating Cyclesight?

I was riding on a rural road with minimal traffic when that road narrowed and merged with a road full of trucks coming up behind me. I thought “why can’t cyclists have a heads-up display like Nissan had in their cars in the 90s?” I began looking for a solution but couldn’t find anything that solved the problem.

Then, my sister-in-law got hit by a car while riding her bike and I knew it was time to act.

I began doing research and most people don’t use mirrors because they don’t work well enough. In most cases the blame for most accidents was placed on the cyclist when that just was not the case. The products that we found didn’t provide are real time display and didn’t have a recording to document an accident.

At the same time, I found an electronics/electrical engineer as well as a design engineer to help bring Cyclesight to life. We went through six iterations and some of them were quite major. We have one patent granted and one pending. As we progressed, we did competitive research and found that there definitely is a place for Cyclesight in the market.