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A Safer Way to Ride

The number one fear of cyclists is being hit from behind.
And for good reason.
Drivers aren’t looking for cyclists, and cyclists can’t easily see vehicles behind them.

Until Now!

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See approaching traffic while you watch the road ahead.

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Rear view camera lets you monitor and record what’s behind you.

Cyclesight lets you see what’s behind you, giving you time to react to dangerous situations.

Lights, vests and flags can be invisible to inattentive drivers
Mirrors have limited field of view
Radar systems don’t let you see rear approaching traffic and give false readings
A recording camera without real-time views, can be too little, too late

Cyclesight Patented Features

Crisp Display

Changeable batteries

Easy to install and operate

Comes with multiple mounting options

Wireless rearview camera

Changeable batteries

Comes with multiple mounting options

1. Crisp Display
2. Changeable batteries
3. Easy to install and operate
4. Comes with multiple mounting options
5. Wireless rearview camera
6. Changeable batteries
7. Comes with multiple mounting options

Urban & rural, if you ride on roads, Cyclesight
is perfect for all pedal-powered vehicles.

Road Bikes

cross bike

Cross Bikes


Gravel Bikes

Tandem Bikes


Recumbent Bikes


Take control of your safety. Reserve your Cyclesight today.

Cyclesight is now fully designed and tested, and we are preparing to bring the product to market.

Money back promise. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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