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A Message from our Founder

December 1, 2023

Dear Fellow Cyclists:

I always thought drivers could see me when I rode my bike, until one day when I was merging from a rural road onto a narrow, two-lane road. I couldn’t see vehicles approaching from the side or the rear.

Four engineers, six designs and many problems found and solved later, we finally have a product that will revolutionize bicycle safety. Our pre-orders have all been distributed and Cyclesight riders are feeling safer and having more enjoyable rides.

This has been a true entrepreneurial, bootstrapped effort. We have been unsuccessful in our efforts to raise capital, but are committed to our journey to bring safety and confidence to cyclists everywhere.

Full production requires significant investment for injection molds for the housing, and the components to complete manufacturing. We’re all ready to go, we just need 2,000 order commitments to move forward.

We’re not even asking you to order. All we need is for you to click this link and say “Yes, when it is available, I want one.” Our goal is to get these commitments by March 15, 2024. At that point, we’ll ask for your order and payment (at a special discounted rate) and expect to deliver your Cyclesight by the end of June.

Join us on this cycling safety journey.


Jeff Gindin