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How hard is it to install?

It’s pretty easy. Please watch our installation video before starting.

The only difference is that we now have video recording. The most important aspect is taking a few minutes to get familiarized with cycling using your new Cyclesight product in a safe area before venturing onto busy roads.

How long will the battery last?

One battery powers the display and a second battery powers the camera. They both have an estimated life of three hours. For most commute times you should be covered both to and from work. For longer rides, we suggest that you purchase an extra set of batteries that you can simply swap out when you take a break. When you get home simply recharge the batteries and you are good to go on your next ride.

How far back does the camera “see”?

Approximately half a mile.

What is the warranty?

View up-to-date information about our warranty here.

How can I secure it when I park my bike at a coffee shop or at work?

Both the display and the camera have twist off connectors so you can just twist off and put one or both in your pocket.

What do I do if I get hit from behind?

The first thing that you should do is advise a friend or a loved one that Cyclesight has a recording in case you are not able to recover the recording yourself. The recording is on an SD chip and is removeable.

Why is Cyclesight better than the competition?

There are products that record but don’t have any way to tell you that there is rear-approaching traffic. And, there are products that give you feedback that there is rear-approaching traffic, but they don’t record. Cyclesight is the only product that provides a real-time visual image of rear-approaching traffic and provides a recording.

How do you know that Cyclesight will be able to be installed on my bike?

Cyclesight can be installed on most standard bicycles, but we can’t guarantee every type. We have shims that allow the clamps to adjust to most bike seat posts and handlebars. If you have a seat post that isn’t round, then the adapters might not fit. We encourage all feedback and offer a money back guarantee on any item that doesn’t fit your bike properly.

Will Cyclesight work on my E-bike?

Sure, with the same considerations as just mentioned.

Can I buy Cyclesight at my local bike shop?

Not yet. To get Cyclesight launched, we are starting with a consumer direct approach. We are looking forward to being able to offer Cyclesight in a select few bike shops in the future.

What is the genesis of Cyclesight?

Cyclesight has had a long history. It has gone through six iterations of design changes as we’ve customized it based on our feedback from other cyclists.

Will the image still be readable over rough road surfaces?

There is no way around the fact that the display will vibrate causing the image to vibrate also. However, the image will still be readable.

What was your inspiration for creating Cyclesight?

I was riding on a rural road with minimal traffic when that road narrowed and merged with a road full of trucks coming up behind me. I thought “why can’t cyclists have a heads-up display like Nissan had in their cars in the 90s?” I began looking for a solution but couldn’t find anything that solved the problem.

Then, my sister-in-law got hit by a car while riding her bike and I knew it was time to act.

I began doing research and most people don’t use mirrors because they don’t work well enough. In most cases the blame for most accidents was placed on the cyclist when that just was not the case. The products that we found didn’t provide are real time display and didn’t have a recording to document an accident.

At the same time, I found an electronics/electrical engineer as well as a design engineer to help bring Cyclesight to life. We went through six iterations and some of them were quite major. We have one patent granted and one pending. As we progressed, we did competitive research and found that there definitely is a place for Cyclesight in the market.

I have a cousin who is so fearful that he rides on sidewalks – can you get him to use the streets?

  1. No, I don’t think I can convince him, but he trusts you – put your Cyclesight on his bike and let him have at it. After riding on some lesser busy streets, he’ll likely gain the confidence with Cyclesight to not be as worried. And we love these moments so be sure to send us a testimonial when that happens.

How does the recording work?

The image captured by the camera is wirelessly transmitted to a receiver which is housed in the display enclosure. That image is displayed on the LCD and every few seconds those images are written out to the SD card. The images go out to the SD card until the SD card is full. At that point, the newest image is written over the very first image using what is called “loop recording”. The SD card holds several hours of recording.

When you are on a long ride and need to replace the batteries (see FAQ re “How long will the battery last”) the recording will continue from where it left off. In the event of an accident the SD card can be removed and inserted into a computer for viewing. We recommend telling relatives and/or friends when you purchase your Cyclesight that your Cyclesight has a recording capability should you be in an accident and not able to remove the SD card.

Why Didn’t You Use a Crowdfunding Service?

Crowd funding services help define pricing and market segmentation which we have already been able – through considerable research – to define. In addition, crowd funding services have many limitations (e.g., we couldn’t offer you a $1 reservation option) and they’re expensive, typically taking 5% to 12% of the amount raised. We believe the cycling community will support our American small business, and that we can have more freedom, and do a better job for our customers, if we “go it alone”. We’re protecting your purchase by placing your order funds in escrow until we go into production and are offering you a full money back promise and satisfaction guarantee.

Is there a return policy?

Yes. View up-to-date information about our return policy here.

“We’ve got your back”