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We Appreciate Your Help!

We are asking for your help in the development of a cycling accessory called Cyclesight. This accessory will allow cyclists to see ahead and behind without dangerous head movement while biking. Your feedback is crucial in helping us to determine the viability of Cyclesight.

If you are not the correct person to answer the questions below, please feel free to send this link (http://cyclingdesigns.com/bike-stores-survey/) to the person who should be helping us.

Should you be concerned with the size and weight of Cyclesight, please understand that the prototype shown in the video was made using heavy durable 3D printing materials so that it would stand up to use by real-world testers. A production version of the product will be thinner and lighter.

Please, watch the video first and then take the survey below.

For the sake of answering these questions please assume that we would provide adequate brochures, video, social media campaign, and other needed marketing support.

We greatly appreciate your help.

Jeff Gindin

Features for Bike Stores

  • Be able to sell a new product category
  • Be able to solve a problem that nearly all cyclists have
  • Appeal to those who are reticent to ride
  • Encourage your customers to ride more miles
  • Gain publicity from a new product category
  • Provide cyclists with an easy way to monitor traffic
  • Give cyclists time to react to dangerous situations
  • Provide the cyclist with a recording should there be an accident

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